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Jesus Tomb

February 25, 2007

The blogging world is on fire talking about the new documentary from Simcha Jacobovici and James Cameron. They claim to have found Jesus’ family tomb. Of course, there will be those that over re-act and in their desire for anything to discredit Christianity, and will claim that this “rocks Christianity to its very foundation” without considering all of the evidence first (example here).

Two articles worth looking at are here and here.

There are a plurality of arguments against this position (see here); however, I am still going to watch this documentary. I am especially interested to understand how DNA proves that this is the Jesus family tomb as I was unaware he submitted a DNA sample to compare with. Maybe it is in one of the Gnostic or Lost Gospels: “And lo did the Lord swipeth the inside of his mouth with the swab of cotton.”

I wonder where the usual skepticism is that would be present if a Christian ever presented such “evidence” pertaining to the biblical account.

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