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Rob Bell and Nooma

February 25, 2007

I really like Rob Bell. I often listen to his sermons and have seen most of his Nooma videos. He is one of the people that inspired me to take the path that I am presently on. Ben Witherington has been interacting and critiquing some of Rob’s work (see earlier post here)

I think Witherington sums up much of what is good in Bell’s ministry when he writes:

Here is a fresh voice for the Lord, who has a vision and an understanding of what he is trying to accomplish, while remaining himself and true to his Lord. When one watches Rob with his painful honesty and genuineness and contrasts this with some of the tele-evangelists who seem so phony and unbelievable as if they are just putting on a show, it is refreshing.

Witherington’s summaries and critiques of Nooma are also very well done.

Nooma 1-5 here

Nooma 6-10 here

Nooma 11-15 here

If you are interested you can download Bell’s weekly sermons from his church’s website here, and you can check out the Nooma videos here.

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