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Cameron and “The Tomb”

February 27, 2007

If your panties are all in a knot over James Cameron’s new film, then Michael Spencer is putting together some good resources on how to think through this issue critically before having your entire faith (secular or religous) validated or destroyed by Hollywood.

Start reading here

Jim West here, and Tyler Williams here are also putting together some good articles and insights.

And finally, from the man of the hour himself: “I’m not a theologist. I’m not an archaeologist. I’m a documentary film maker.” 

As Dr. West so rightly points out, “Cameron provides, with that one snippet, ample reasons to question his film’s reliability.”

UPDATE: This is good too. Makes sure to read the addendum.

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  1. February 27, 2007 12:34 pm

    I thought the Cameron claim that writing on the tomb translated into “I’ll be back” was a little sus.

    I’m sure that atheists, Liberals, reporters, poli-sci students and the like will treat this with the same amount of skepticism that they would treat Christian claims with.

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