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A Children’s Story: The Amazing Artist

July 7, 2008

John Hobbins of Ancient Hebrew Poetry had an interesting post last month: biblical bloggers discuss children’s books. I thought for awhile about maybe writing a post for this series; however, upon some reflection I realized I would have to start another blog to cover all of the literature I read as a child and budding teen. Therefore, I give you a story I put together for my daughters. I think you may recognize the source material.


The Amazing Artist

You have probably heard a lot of stories that start off something like this: Once upon a time in a land far, far away.  Well this story not only happens “Once upon a time” but before there was time!  And not just “in a land far, far away” but also before there was any land! Now I suppose you are thinking, “What is he talking about?” However the question is not what am I talking about but rather who am I talking about; and the answer to that question is God. This story is a small part of his and a very big part of ours. Beginnings are a funny thing; we would assume somehow that our beginning was the beginning; however, our story is merely a beginning. So I will start that way…

In a beginning, God who had always existed decided to create a masterpiece of unimaginable scope, design, beauty and intelligence. Now I’d guess that some of you are again asking, “What is he talking about? How could someone always exist? Doesn’t everything and everyone need a start, even Him?” Well, I don’t have an answer for that question (I wish I did!) but there is one thing I think you should know and it is this: true stories are much weirder, stranger and more uncomfortable than fairy tales. Fairy tales we write for ourselves. They have nice adventures with sweet endings and they make us feel safe and secure. True stories offer no such promises. This is a true story and so I can only tell you how things were not how we think they should have to be.

In an explosion of word, God created a universe. In this universe there were many galaxies.  However, there was a special galaxy that had a sun in the middle with nine planets rotating around it. God decided that in this galaxy, on the third planet from the sun, he would paint an astounding picture. He had created a sun, and caused this special planet to circle it constantly, thereby always adding different light, shading and textures. He then created a moon nearby to shine at night and make the oceans dance. Then he added planets and suns in the galaxies far away so that they would twinkle at night like diamonds on display, adding more texture to his awesome picture. God stepped back to look at these things, smiled, and said, “It is good!”

The greatest of artist then separated the land from the water on his design. He sculpted large mountains, deep valleys and endless plains on his land. With his water he made vast oceans, graceful waterfalls and raging rivers all dancing against the unruffled land in an endless celebration. Once again with a smile God declared these things “Good!”

God then did something truly astounding: he invented colors! He then took these colors and splashed them across his canvas in a dazzling display. He painted the waters all different shades of blue, colored the land in browns and greens, and highlighted the land with a staggering amount of variety; with trees, bushes, flowers, fruit, and berries of all shapes, sizes, and colors. He then gave the planet such an atmosphere that the sun’s rays would be a blinding majestic gold, the sky would be a unique blue and white clouds would float against this sky in a slowly ever changing pattern. God then emphatically declared these things to be “Good!”

God then altered the course of His planet around the Sun in such a way that even more texture would come into his wonderful painting. By doing this he created different seasons, in different parts, all around his grand design. He could crown his trees in red and gold and then watch them bud to life again in the spring in an explosion of color. He could cover entire areas of his painting in a wonderful luminous white, and in different places dust the peaks of his mountains just so. He then created wind to help the grass and trees to frolic in merriment throughout his great playground. Smiling, God declared, “It is Good!”

With creativity unparalleled God then spoke into existence all the creatures of the earth, the birds of the air, the animals of the land, and the fish of the sea. In the sheer number of different sorts of creatures he used an infinitely vast array of color, size, shape and function. Truly a feat not to be comprehended or duplicated (by us anyways). And these creations that played and danced and frolicked and sang for their Creator in different parts of the Creation were a fabulous sight to behold.

God looked at His incredibly awesome, beautiful, stunning, always changing creation and again declared with a smile “it is good” for he knew for whom he was making this incredible place. The artist had built an extraordinary set and now it was time for him to author his play; it was time for him to write the actors.

God culminated his creation in a creature named man. He decided to give the man a body of intricate design. He then gave the man something that no other part of his creation received; he decided to give him an essence like himself. He gave man a spirit; and therefore, not only could man see the wondrous beauty of God’s design, or smell the flowers, or feel the warmth of the sun on his skin, but he would have the ability to comprehend those feelings and communicate his joy and love to his creator.

The first character God authored was a man named Adam. God loved Adam and took him to the most beautiful place in his amazing living picture, a place called Eden. God brought all of the animals he had created before his friend. The looks of surprise, joy and awe as Adam was astonished by each and in laughter and love gave each of them names was wonderful for the creator.

God knew what kind of person he had written in Adam and knew that it would not be good for him to be alone, so he caused Adam to fall into a deep sleep. He took a rib from Adam and with it wrote his second character, a woman, her name was Eve.  To Adam she was incredible, she was different than him and yet the same. She understood him in ways that none of the animals did or could have. She was truly his partner and companion. They were two separate people but also one. Adam and Eve lived in Eden and in God’s love and were very happy. God loved His creation and his creations. He looked at all of these things and declared “IT IS GOOD!”

And so that is the story of how before “Once upon a time in a land far, far away” an artist, designer, creator and author with awesome power and imaginative force began a story that ended up becoming ours.


Part II in this series: The Story of the Onion

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  1. July 7, 2008 5:46 pm

    Good work…


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