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Death Metal Monk

July 19, 2008

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At first glance, Cesare Bonizzi looks like the archetypal Capuchin monk – round-faced, stout, with twinkling eyes and a long flowing white beard. But beneath his robes beats a heart of metal.

He started playing and recording cassettes, firstly with “lighter” metal music, but gradually he realized that what really moved him was the hard core.

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The should get this guy for the next SBL conference!


My brother has long contended that many lyrics from a typical hymnal would make great fodder for any Christian metal/death/speedmetal band. Maybe Brother Bonizzi could cover this old hymn on his next album; it would make a brilliant metal song:

Cross of Jesus, Cross of Sorrow

By William J.S. Simpson

Cross of Jesus, cross of sorrow,
Where the blood of Christ was shed,
Perfect Man on you did suffer,
Perfect God on you has bled!

Here the King of all the ages,
Throned in light before worlds could be,
Robed in mortal flesh is dying,
Crucified by sin for me.

O mysterious condescending!
O abandonment sublime!
Very God Himself is bearing
All the sufferings of time!

Evermore for human failure
By His passion we can plead;
God has born all mortal anguish,
Surely He will know our need.

This—all human thought surpassing—
This is earth’s most awful hour,
God has taken mortal weakness!
God has laid aside His Power!

Once the Lord of brilliant seraphs,
Winged with love to do His will,
Now the scorn of all His creatures,
And the aim of every ill.

Up in Heaven, sublimest glory
Circled round Him from the first;
But the earth finds none to serve Him,
None to quench His raging thirst.

Who shall fathom that descending,
From the rainbow circled throne,
Down to earth’s most base profaning,
Dying desolate alone.

From the “Holy, Holy, Holy,
We adore Thee, O most High,”
Down to earth’s blaspheming voices
And the shout of “Crucify.”

Cross of Jesus, cross of sorrow,
Where the blood of Christ was shed,
Perfect Man on thee did suffer,
Perfect God on thee has bled!

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  1. July 19, 2008 2:25 pm

    It wold be interesting if it was interesting heavy music. But alas, it’s boring. He’s a good growler, but just a gimmick really.

  2. Jake permalink
    July 19, 2008 11:39 pm


    Pure Rock.

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