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Hermeneutics Video 4

August 26, 2008

Another video a prof, preacher, or teacher could use in a presentation:

For some reason this video reminds me of some poor professor trying to explain dikaiosune theou to a young Chris Tilling working on his undergraduate.

Prof: …and so when some scholars speak of dikaiosune theou they believe that theou is a genitive of source. This can be understood either as imparted righteousness (righteous behavior) or imputed righteousness (righteous status); some believe it is a combination of both.

CT: Departed righteousness and disputed righteousness?

Prof: Imputed righteousness

CT: That’s what I said: reputed righteousness

Prof: And so, moving along…

CT: (Raising hand)

Prof: (Sighs) Yes Chris

CT: Is Martin Luther related to Martin Luther King?

Prof: Ahhh, forget it (leaves room)

CT: (Grinning to classmates) Mama says “Propitiation” is a big boy word


Fortunately, he has come a long way since those early days of naiveté. Congratulations on your new job Chris. I hope that CTRVHM will not suffer any institutional indoctrination or hold back on new ministry opportunities just because you have gone and become all respectable like.

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  1. August 27, 2008 5:50 am

    That clip comes from one of my favourite episodes of Father Ted. I love it when they are in the wrong tent trailer. Priceless!

  2. August 28, 2008 1:03 am

    Actually, you are not too far off! Thanks for the laugh, and I take your words in the final sentence to heart. If I get “all respectable like”, please pray for me, brother…

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