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New Direction Rock Opera?

October 9, 2008

This video is from the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The song is a lament from the perspective of Dracula. I swear to you the song is funnier each time I hear it:

Anyways, this got me to thinking how awesome it would be to write a rock opera from a first person perspective of one the HB prophets. There is a large goldmine of material.

For instance, can you imagine some of the angst Hosea must have experienced when God told him to marry a prostitute? And then to have children of whoredom? You could project some 21st century perspectives and values on to the songs and have yourself a veritable OT Pretty Woman. Definite Broadway hit.

How about Elijah’s lament that he is the only one serving God? A good time could also be had with his mocking of the prophets of Baal. Perhaps a little Monty Python-esque: Baal isn’t showing up because he’s “relieving himself” could lead towards some good lowbrow scatological humor. And yes, I am that sophomoric.

Maybe something that covers the three year period that Isaiah was naked and barefoot? Isaiah’s lament that women do not understand what cold weather does to body parts would be interesting. Perhaps, an entire song using euphemisms to express his emotional distress.

I’ll be anxiously awaiting your submissions.

PS- If you’re wondering who New Direction is then just travel down the sidebar on the left and click the name and you can learn all about the awesome band that was formed at Scotteriology and is figuratively rocking the world of Christian music!

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  1. October 9, 2008 12:16 pm

    When are the odditions for New Direction? I’d love to try out for any and all of the following: rhythm guitars, harmonica, vocals, looking dead sexy in a WWJD thong, bad keyboards, less bad synth loops, stop motion animation, and song critic.

  2. October 9, 2008 12:38 pm

    “looking dead sexy in a WWJD thong” You’re in. No tryouts. You have the part.

    What’s scary is that you knew that was going to be part of the opera: How did you read my mind?

  3. October 10, 2008 11:00 am

    Well being a “christian’ opera, I knew full frontal was out, so I might as well pitch me assets (pun intended).

    I’ll be working on my dancing and keyboard skills! Come out to Congress 2009 (Carleton) and I’ll arrange for a jam session, being the LAR for the Canadian Theological Society has to have some perks!).

    Excuse me, I’m off to wax up my thongs!

  4. Jake permalink
    October 10, 2008 3:37 pm

    The mental imagery in here is simply astounding(ly horrifying).

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