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Be Calvin As You Read Calvin!

December 29, 2008

2009 is the 500th anniversary of John Calvin’s birthday. Drew Tatusko has pointed out Princeton Seminary’s reading plan to read Calvin’s Institutes in a year:

They [the readings from the Institutes] will be available on iTunes, RSS, mobile phones, and this website. Another option would be to buy a paper copy of the Institutes and use the Reading Guide to follow along.

In an effort to make this endeavor more appealing Jason Blair at the BHT has suggested making and wearing your very own Calvin Mask!


You could also “critique” Calvin’s work while wearing a Luther mask:


For Chris Tilling (if he hasn’t already made one for himself) there is the Tom Wright mask to wear while reading…and for appearing more ‘authoritative’ during lectures:


And if you are feeling heterodox “different” you could also wear this mask and whisper to yourself about what Zwingli “really” thought  (don’t let the smile fool you…):


2 Comments leave one →
  1. December 29, 2008 11:58 am

    ‘Christ’ Tilling? He wishes….

    and oh- those masks… all of them? they creep me out! what’s with the blank stares…????

    [Agathos: Blasphemy! Blasphemy! A keyboard error that shall be fixed. The blank stares are from reading some of my theology and realizing…]

  2. December 30, 2008 9:40 am

    Ok Scott, i seriously need that Calvin mask, where did you find it?

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