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A FEMALE Addition to the Blogroll

March 6, 2009

There has been no shortage of observation and comment as to the largely male domination of the biblioblogging world.  Tyler Williams posted recently practically begging any women bloggers to host a Biblical Studies Carnival, and Top 50 Biblioblogs published a pie chart of some of their findings as to the number of men and women bloggers:


In light of the lack of women bloggers I thought I would add to my blogroll, and bring to your attention, a female scholar who has recently started to blog: Dr. Dorothy Peters.

Dr. Dorothy M. Peters is on faculty in the Religious Studies department of Trinity Western University where she teaches courses on the Old Testament and gender issues in the Bible and where she is the Assistant Director of the M.A. in Biblical Studies program. She is most interested in the diverse ways that themes and characters from the Hebrew Bible were variously interpreted in the Dead Sea Scrolls and her book, Noah Traditions in the Dead Sea Scrolls: Conversations and Controversies of Antiquity, has recently been released.

Dr. Peters will be writing a blog over the next six months as she researches and writes her second book, a series of meditations on themes of suffering in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Hopefully, Dr. Peters will post more as she finds her blogging voice, and continue blogging–either at her TWU page or on her own site– in the future.  I can also report from my own interaction with Dr. Peters that not only is she a very good scholar she is a wonderful person whose kind words of encouragement have been a blessing in my life.

Do check her out and encourage her to more posts!

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  1. March 7, 2009 1:14 pm

    C’mon, Scott. I wasn’t “begging”; perhaps “pleading”, but never “begging”


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