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Jesus vs Mary IX: Mary “Burns” Jesus

May 1, 2009

Seriously, I can’t make up stuff this good.

For the last several months both Mary and Jesus have been in a contest of publicly “appearing” on a variety of objects, and for the most part they have been going back and forth: first one and then the other. However, the contest seemed to have taken a turn for the worse as Jesus turned it up a notch.

Last week, I reported how Jesus had taken a potshot at Mary in their contest of revelation by showing up out of turn, and on top of that sleight, on an item that was eerily similar to a former appearance by his mother.

Mary, once upon a time, appeared on a grilled cheese sandwich. Jesus, for whatever reason, decided to appear twice in a row and the second time on a piece of cheese toast. At the very least, it seemed Jesus was trying to “send a message” to his Mom.

Well Jesus: you gone and done stirred up a hornet’s nest now son!

On the very same day that Jesus’ appearance on a piece of cheesetoast was reported (an event that happened around his “birthday”) Mary in a brilliant tactic appeared on a grill!

How cunning can one woman be?

Burn, Mary Burn. Disco Inferno!

Burn, Mary Burn. Relic Inferno!

Think about it.The grilled cheese sandwich and the cheese toast were both made on a grill, so when Jesus goes and appears on cheese toast what does the heavenly mother do? Appears on the implement that made the cheese toast!


Seriously, I may have underestimated Mary’s chances in this contest, because a move of such brilliance and unmitigated gall can’t be over appreciated: she’s brought her “A” game, and laid a challenge at Jesus’ feet that frankly… well, I just can’t wait to see his response.

As always, my prayer:  Jesus and Mary should you decide to ever bring your contest to my household:  Please, reveal yourself to me in a non-perishable item of great value!  A very large chunk of gold would be preferred, or a softball sized diamond.  I’ll let you decide.  Amen.


Just in case this story couldn’t get any more ridiculous. The most bizarre/awesome picture I have seen in a long time:

Can you smell what the Rock's mother is cookin?

Can you smell what the Rock's mother is cookin'?

That’s right: lucha libres checking out the grill… does it need any more verification than that?

I thought not.

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