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Exciting New Logos Pre-Pubs

June 11, 2009

Christian Origins and the Question of God Series, by N. T. Wright (Vols. 1–3)

The squeal of glee you just heard? Yup, Tilling just read this too! Hmmm… seeing as we’re on the subject Chris has put up at his site a recent picture of him and the good Bishop.

TWCTUmmm… Chris, I think it might be time to get a new phone, because that picture? Well, let’s just say it’s not very high quality.

Seriously though, I have already put in my order (only $59.95!). You should as well. Right now. That way it goes to production faster and I can get my copy. Though if it takes as long as the DSS biblical scrolls we could be waiting a long time. Seriously, Logos: I want my biblical scrolls!

From the Logos site:

“As an important scholar of the New Testament and a prolific author and lecturer, N. T. Wright’s books have been highly influential in the study of Jesus, Paul, and early Christianity. Wright’s Christian Origins and the Question of God series—now available from Logos Bible Software—contains the three completed books in the projected six-volume series: The New Testament and the People of God, Jesus and the Victory of God, and The Resurrection of the Son of God.”

“In these books, Wright offers a historical, theological, and literary study of first-century Judaism and Christianity, beginning with an introduction to the historical and theological condition of the earliest Christians. Next, Wright provides a contribution the current quest for the historical Jesus, offering his own defense of Jesus’ historicity and its impact on Christian belief and practice. These first volumes set the scene for Wright’s massive examination of the resurrection—both resurrection in general and of Jesus in particular—beginning with Paul and working through the end of the second century.”

“Unique in his ability to summarize and synthesize wide-ranging and complex theological concepts, Wright is detailed, yet concise; scholarly, yet accessible. He provides a comprehensive survey of the critical topics on the study of Jesus. These books are important additions to the libraries of New Testament scholars and historians of Christianity.”

“With Logos Bible Software, you can reap the maximum benefit from N. T. Wright’s works. Every word from every book has been indexed and catalogued to help you search Wright’s books for a particular verse or topic, and giving you instant access to cross-references. What’s more, with Logos, every word is essentially a link. Scripture references are linked directly to Greek and Hebrew texts, along with your preferred English Bible translations. For every Greek or Hebrew word, you can double-click that word, and your digital library will automatically search your lexicons for a match. You can also read Wright alongside important primary texts from the era, such as Josephus, Philo, and the Apostolic Fathers.

Margaret Barker Temple Theology Collection (2 Vols.)

By coincidence, Chris has also met Margaret Barker. She had been waiting years for such a privilege. The joy emanating from her at the encounter is simply contagious:

barkermeFrom the Logos site:

“The Margaret Barker Temple Theology Collection helps readers bridge the theological and historical gap between the Old Testament and the New, and between Judaism and Christianity. These penetrating studies examine the evolution of the cultural traditions which began centuries before Christ was born, yet influenced the development of Christian theology and practice. Barker draws heavily from the Old and New Testaments—especially the book of Hebrews—along with Apocalyptic literature in order to construct the worldview of the earliest Christians.”

In this historical and theological study, Barker shows how the Temple theology of early Christianity traces its origins to the First Temple. She draws heavily from the book of Hebrews, the book of Revelation, and various biblical and extra-biblical Apocalyptic literature. By examining the historical and theological understanding of the covenant, atonement, resurrection and the Kingdom of God, Barker outlines the implications of Temple theology for faith and practice today.”

“The Margaret Barker Temple Theology Collection serves as a valuable guide for understanding the relationship between Christianity and culture—especially in the earliest years of the church. These books will benefit students and scholars of Temple theology, and those interested in understanding the development of Christian concepts related to the Jerusalem Temple.”

I have also pre-ordered this collection as well (only $20.95). Can’t wait for it to come in the mail.

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