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Everybody Thinks They’re An Expert on the Bible

June 3, 2010

Steve Wiggins over at Sects and Violence has a good post today in which he makes a few excellent points using, of all things, Pulp Fiction to demonstrate his point. Steve writes:

Everyone is an expert on the Bible. This is one of the factors that provides professional biblical scholars with generous ulcers. Everyone is an expert because they know what they believe about the Bible. The difficulty is very few people actually know much about the Bible. Belief and knowledge are very different features of the human psyche.

Well put Steve; that is a very important distinction. Do head over and give his fine thoughts a read!

Via: James Mad Dog McGrath

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  1. P Smith permalink
    June 8, 2010 8:10 am

    Most of those who babble about the buybull have never read the crucial fiction. They usually get it third hand from a pastor/pederast/whatever, or if they do know any quotes (e.g. John 3:16) they’re usually only the ones they like. The godbots are always seemingly ignorant of their precious cheezus telling them what to do in Matthew 6:5-6.

    If I quote it, I quote it verbatim, the exact words in the book o’blood. Nothing pisses off the hardcore godbots than the exact words found. And when the words apply to them, the inevitable response is, “You’re taking it out of context!” or other such stupidity.

    When you point out to a gay-hating godbot that Leviticus tells christians not to wear clothing of mixed fabrics and not to eat shellfish, they’ll say, “Those rules don’t apply anymore”…except, of course the one rule in Leviticus they use to justify murdering people.


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