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The Spirit of the Borgias Lives On With Catholic Priest

July 8, 2010

Police say priest had secrets

Gray accused of stealing from church to pay for male escorts


To many of his supporters, the Rev. Kevin Gray is a humble servant of God who helped those in need, sacrificed for his flock and preached the Gospel at Sacred Heart Church in sermons described as soul-touching.

But police say a months-long criminal investigation has revealed the 64-year-old Gray was leading an extravagant double life that his parishioners never knew about.

That secret life included male escorts hired in New York, $200,000 in restaurant bills — including dinners at Tavern on the Green — and hotel stays in the lap of Manhattan luxury, expenses amassed by Gray and paid for with the church’s money, police say.

Detectives say they discovered Gray, a well-respected Catholic priest and former leader of several city parishes, siphoned roughly $1.3 million from Sacred Heart to pay for a lavish lifestyle usually reserved for the wealthy.

I like the headline, “Police say priest had secrets.” Gee, you don’t say… really, the congregation didn’t know he stole 1.3 million for male hos, armani, and fine dining?

Lots of comments to be made concerning this case, but many border on the inappropriate so I’ll leave it to you guys in the comments.

Full story HERE

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  1. Dave permalink
    July 8, 2010 3:02 pm

    Extravagant meals, luxury hotels, Armani suits, and male escorts? Well at least Fr. Gray spent the money more responsibly than the Pope would have.

  2. Jon H permalink
    July 8, 2010 10:24 pm

    Ah, Waterbury, CT. Back in 2001 their 38-year old mayor got busted for hiring a prostitute and getting her to let him molest her kid (or kids, I forget).

    I’m from the town next door, where the main scandal is the ridiculous removable, inflatable bubble roof the town picked for the new town pool about a decade ago, which has caused nothing but trouble and costs $50k to either set up or take down. Now they want to replace it with something and are continuing to exhibit a severe edifice complex.

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