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Logos Love

August 28, 2010

Obviously, it’s all Logos today. One more item while I’m on this train.

I have been a Logos user for several years now. The Logos platform has improved dramatically in that time. Blue Raja at Boar’s Heat Tavern wrote:

I forgot to mention how highly I would recommend Logos.  It kicks quite a bit of ass.  Not only does it have scores of academic books and incredibly user-friendly ways of actually finding relevant information in them, it is by far the most versatile bible software out there at the moment.  It used to be said that it was primarily a library oriented program that provided breadth rather than a deeply exegetical depth – but that’s no longer true.  It has the most scholarly grammatical/syntactical and morphological databases and searching tools, mountains of resources for textual criticism, and all in a very easy to understand and accessible user interface.  And that exists alongside an amazing array of theological books which are cross-referenced and hyperlinked (when you’re reading Wright, you can actually click on all of the 2nd Temple literature he cites and check it out for yourself!).If you have an iPod Touch/iPad/iPhone you can access your books through the free app.  If you have another sort of smartphone you can access it through logging in to

I’m sure some Accordance users might have something to say about, “It has the most scholarly grammatical/syntactical and morphological databases and searching tools,” but Logos has come leaps and bounds in that regard.

Probably, one of the aspects that I have been most impressed with Logos in my experience is their customer service. When I first purchased the Non-Sectarian Scrolls I was having some difficulties with the accompanying concordance. I called Logos, and in a few minutes there was a tech accessing my computer from Bellingham, a few minutes after that everything was fixed, and in no time flat I was working away.

I was also blown away this past winter by Michael Heiser. I had asked a font question here at Ye Olde Blogge, and that very day Mr. Heiser had put the font guy at Logos in contact with me and they went above and beyond the call of duty in helping me resolve my own work issues which actually had very little to do with their program. Thank you very much again Mr. Heiser!

So in a nutshell: Logos continues to get better and better, and in my experience their customer service is top-notch.

(One critique: HB DSS but no one can be perfect… 😉 )

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