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Bishop Eddie Long Agrees to Mediation

December 8, 2010

Ok, ok, ok. So I did take these men on trips with me… and I did share rooms with them ‘occasionally’… and I did buy them gifts… but we never had sex.

But just to be safe let’s go to mediation to be sure no one finds out the sordid details of our trips!


Perhaps it’s just the cynic in me but when 75% of their story is already collaborated and you have four, count ’em: four young men accusing you of sexual indiscretion… yeah, you might need to go to mediation if you want to keep professing your innocence from the pulpit.

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  1. December 8, 2010 1:04 pm

    Best line in the video: The bishop allegedly “told them that sex is an important part of spiritual life.”

    This is what you call “poetic justice,” my friends…

    Incidentally, what, exactly, is this guy bishop of? In the name-it-claim-it scam religion, does this title suddenly apply once you reach 500,000 in megachurch membership? 1,000,000? Or is it a Southern black megachurch thing? TD Jakes is similarly afflicted. Last I checked, the SBC doesn’t ordain bishops; maybe it’s another Baptist organization?

    I recently heard a radio evangelist referring to himself as “Apostle” such-and-such. I remember wondering, at the time, “How old must this cat be?”

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