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Scotteriology 2010: A Look Back

December 30, 2010

Well here we are at the end of another year, and if you are reading this then you are alive! Well done.

Let me take this opportunity to thank my friends who frequent this little corner of cyberspace. The payoff to running a blog like this is that I get to make some of you laugh and some of you think, but far more often you guys and girls one up me with your  many humorous and insightful comments.

I wish and hope a great 2011 for you all.

But before we move on to next year here’s a sampling of some of the popular posts from each month at Scotteriology that received a lot of hits and conversation during 2010.


* Worst Kid’s Show Ever
* Satan is Pat Robertson’s Theological Mentor – The evil that is Pat on the Haiti disaster


* The Irony of the Human Condition
* My Heavy Prophetic Mantle – I told you Bentley would be back, I was right, clearly I’m a prophet!
* Benny Hinn Does Not Have the “Power” – Benny’s wife files for divorce


March was all about Christianity’s March Madness Insanityat Scotteriology, where some of the craziest videos and moments in all of Christendom battled for the title of most insane lunatic. In the end, after the brackets had been filled, and the battles waged, there could be only one who walked away with the championship.  We will all be scarred together for the rest of our lives from this competition… if only the Holy Ghost Hokey Pokey actually worked and we could ‘heal’ our long term memories!


* Does Higher Criticism Attempt to “Destroy the Bible”? – Series that investigates the goals and means of academic scholarship
* Apologetics and the Dead Sea Scrolls – are the DSS valuable for the apologetic enterprise?
* A Good Argument for Iconoclasm – Jesus hung on a cross… literally and figuratively


* Brain Shuts Off in Response to Faith Healer’s Prayer
* Creationist Rejoice: The Peanut Butter and Banana Men
* The Oldest Religious Idea – “Everything happens for a reason…”
* Reductio ad Hitlerum – Glenn Beck’s favorite logical fallacy


* Sanity Test – Worried whether you’re crazy or not? This quick test will help!
* The “Hammer” of the Gods: A Trait of Deity
* Zeus Attacks Jesus Statue
* BS Carnival LIIIVXI: Even More Roman Numerals!


* Death, Chaos, Religion, and the Illusion of Control
* Earth Shattering Exegesis: The First Seal Had Been Broken! – Benny and Paula are dating? *shudder*
* Jesus Wants You to Read This… and Prosper – “Prosperity” preacher is in debt


* How the Prosperity Gospel Should Work
* Apocalypticism in Luke – A series considering the influence of apocalypticism in Luke
* Mark Driscoll’s ‘Discernment’ – anything Mark doesn’t like or understand is from demons?!?


* Galileo Was Wrong?
* Rick Pino: Most Repressed Worship Leader Ever – Rick Pino really, really desires Jesus’, um, ‘touch’…
* Mark Driscoll Worships Demons – Not only does this guy have a love affair with literate, erudite, intelligent, productive, creative demons, now he thinks they are so awesome that doing their Yoga will send you to hell.


* Worst Song Ever Discovered -With a stunning Pièce de résistance, William Tapley, aka the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse, aka the Co-Prophet of the End Times, debuts a new song called Doom & Gloom.
* Getting Jiggy With Your Bible – “Dr.” Jack Schaap wants you to get more ‘intimate’ with your Bible
* Bad Apologetic Evangelism: The Video – Who knew? Apparently you just need to draw circles on a yellow legal pad to convert an atheist!
* How to Evangelize an Atheist


* Robert Schuller is Evil Part I (Part II: The Double Down; Part III: Nepotism Pays) – Schuller’s bankruptcy and the corruption of his ‘ministry’
* Should David Be Normative for Modern Worship? – short answer: probably not
* How NOT to Defeat Humanism and Atheism


* The Green Dragon – Anti-Environmentalism reaches a new low…
* Genesis and Climate Change
* God Hates Democracy

Happy new year!

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