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Genesis Rising (via Sects and Violence in the Ancient World)

April 7, 2011

Good/ironic post by Steve Wiggins on presentations in his classroom involving science and Genesis. Money quote “Any observer of modern American society can easily see the distrust with which education is regarded. As a culture, we dislike those who “think they’re so smart” while we daily use the gadgets and devices they design and improve.” Give it a read!

Genesis Rising Educating against the grain of an unthinking religiosity is a sobering enterprise. Every semester students provide presentations for my intro class on various issues that the Hebrew Bible informs in wider society. Inevitably one group will choose evolution as the relevant topic. While the actual theory of evolution is outside the scope of a Bible course, I spend more time on Genesis than on any other book. I carefully explain how “science” is a c … Read More

via Sects and Violence in the Ancient World

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