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Ironically, Ken Ham Says “Think For Yourself”

April 14, 2011

What if you were to do some thinking, and actually learn about methodological naturalism? How it works; what it values; how it observes, measures, records, and tests; how it makes hypotheses; tests those hypotheses, and then attempts to make theories that explain the observed, recorded, tested, or verifiable data, and ultimately came to a different conclusion than Ken? Would he respect that you were thinking for yourself?


YOU’D BURN IN HELL FOR UNDERMINING BIBLICAL AUTHORITY! (You have to use Caps Lock to properly represent the typed argument of fundamentalist wackos)

Just for the record: “Think for Yourself” followed by “Prepare to Believe” are not statements that are easily harmonized with Ken Ham’s agenda at Answers in Genesis and the Creation ‘Museum’.

Video via PZ Myers who opines

Why is the media so hateful? Because his carny-act pretending to be a “museum” actually is a menace to scientific advancement, a cheesy pile of kitsch, and a haunted house putting on airs and trying to con people into thinking it is an educational institution. They aren’t being hateful, they’re being accurate.


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