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Eddie Long Welcomed Back to His Church

May 30, 2011

But of course

Congregants at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church welcomed Long with applause and cheers when he took the stage at the 8 a.m. service Sunday.

Just two days prior, the lawsuits brought by four young men alleging Long of coercing them into sexual relationships were officially dismissed “with prejudice” Friday.

Lawyers for both sides have given no details on the settlement other than to confirm that the lawsuits have been resolved.

Long did not address the allegations or the settlement during his address Sunday but his congregation did sing a praise song on “moving forward.”

I have not led a perfect life. I am not a perfect man. I do not use my life as a baseline by which to judge others. But… I’m wondering exactly what qualifies you to be a pastor, and what on earth you would have to do to disqualify yourself from the pastorate. You would think that poaching young men out of your church’s school, taking them on trips, and playing the female in the relationship would probably–just maybe–get you on the sidelines for awhile. Maybe some family counseling? Pretty sure his wife isn’t down with her husband pretending he is a wife.

But instead: hush money and a triumphant return. And like the three monkeys if no one says anything about the civil case, and no one hears anything about the civil case, and they all cover their eyes so no one has to see the truth about their ‘pastor’ then NBMBC can move forward in “God’s” will.

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