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Pulpit Pimps Unite: Dollar Defends His Pimp Buddy Eddie Long

June 14, 2011

This is so ridiculous that it’s almost humorous. Creflo Dollar urges the congregants of Eddie Long’s church to go back to him and give him money because he only had a “wreck” and a “minor accident”.

This is a great example of mixing lies with truth: yes pastors are only humans and yes we are all sinners but when you have paid a $15 million dollar settlement to your boyfriends mostly with church insurance then perhaps you might need to take a serious break from being the head pastor of any church, anywhere.

When the lawsuit that you settle privately allegedly states that

Long would “discuss the Holy Scripture to justify and support the sexual activity.” Flagg’s suit claims that Long presided over a “covenant” ceremony between the two of them; Flagg’s attorney said that the ceremony was “essentially a marriage ceremony, with candles, exchange of jewelry, and biblical quotes.”

Perhaps you need to step away from the pulpit.

Here’s the real issue, and the reason that this whole thing was settled privately for a large sum of money. What Eddie Long did was sexual abuse. It was the use of a position of trust to compel otherwise unwanted sexual activity without physical force. Whenever a pastor uses his position of trust, power, or authority to compel wanted or unwanted sexual activity, even if consensual, it is a form of sexual and emotional abuse. People who use their power to sexually gratify themselves are not pastors they’re selfish emotional and sexual abusers who have betrayed the trust of their congregants and for that reason should never, ever be allowed a place of authority again.

When someone is empathetically broken and has a track record of abusing people? Yeah they probably shouldn’t be a pastor. Unfortunately though…

I guess this tells you a lot about Creflo Dollar when his pastorly advice is to purposely send people back to a liar and sexual predator and suggest they sit under that pimp/predator’s authority.

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  1. Glen permalink
    June 14, 2011 11:17 pm

    I often wonder why it is that so many people have trouble with figuring out what to do in abusive situations such as the one involving Eddie Long. A couple thoughts:
    1. Attend to the offender. It’s fair to say don’t judge harshly, but a loving parent still disciplines their child. Mr. Long needs to go away for some discipline and some therapy as he has broken the trust of his family and the members of his congregation. He is a dangerous mess but God still loves him.
    2. Attend to the victims. They need counselling and they need to be de-programmed and taught about accountability so that they don’t become offenders themselves – it happens.
    3. Attend to the congregation. Congregants will either leave or stay, and some will flail around their hurt and mistrust while others will gossip and still others will posture up to some state of white-washed self-righteousness looking to gain some measure of power and show ’em how it should have been done. Good Biblical teaching with a firm hand and a loving heart are required – 3-piece suit wearing, two-handed gold ring wearing, pimped out Cadillac driving, radio evangelizing candidates need not apply.

    Its time the church learned to properly take care of the mess that’s left when it all goes bad, instead of paying off people and pretending its all good.

  2. nazani14 permalink
    June 15, 2011 7:24 am

    Why doesn’t he just say he’s gay, and be done with it? It’s really stupid to think that being gay is worse than using your influence to take advantage of others and worse than lying. If his church and Black culture won’t accept him, there are places where he could go start a new, honest life.

    @Glen- “good Biblical teaching with a firm hand” is what created this mess, and continues to destroy lives.

  3. Glen permalink
    June 15, 2011 8:19 am

    @nazani14 – “Why doesn’t he just say he’s gay, and be done with it? It’s really stupid to think that being gay is worse than using your influence to take advantage of others and worse than lying.” This much more than being gay. This represents a serious abuse of authority. It’s abuse. He is WAY past being able to just walk off and be gay and lead an honest life. Unless he gets help, he will continue to abuse people somewhere else.

    “Good Biblical teaching with a firm hand” is not what created this mess. Apparently a person who engaged in sexual abuse used power and position to do what he wanted and created this mess.

  4. June 15, 2011 9:09 am

    Here’s where I would side with Glen: this is not about sexuality per se. Plenty of pastors have used their position of ‘authority’ to coerce sexual favors from their congregants. When a person is in that position and abuses that power it is sexual abuse every single time regardless of their ‘excuse’.

    Here’s where I would side with Naz, allegedly Long would “discuss the Holy Scripture to justify and support the sexual activity.” Very likely it was his position of authority that allowed this ‘teaching’ to influence these young men and the ‘biblical’ teaching that these pimps engage in does continue to destroy lives.

    Ultimately, however, I am not so very much concerned with what started the mess–sexuality–or what will fix the mess–good biblical teaching or whatever–but that an abuser is allowed a position of authority of a group of people to continue preying on them. It’s like sending a battered wife back to her husband. Just wrong on every level.

  5. Glen permalink
    June 15, 2011 11:59 pm

    I WAS straying from the point… sorry ’bout that. Dollar sending the congregants back to Long is pretty baffling. It speaks poorly of the state of these churches and their leaders. Perhaps Pastor Dollar is headed for “a wreck” if this is his the measure of his problem solving skills. Let’s hope not. Truly sad.

  6. December 4, 2011 12:00 am

    As someone who has been a born-again,blood-bought servant of God in Christ for over 35years,I’ve experience quite a ride on this straight and narrow Way.I’ve ridden the high places and slogged through the low places,been backslidden for years and restored to fellowship and communion with my Blessed Abba(21years ongoing,praise Him!),and at this point there is little in”Christendom”I have’nt either seen or expeienced myself.My take on the”pulpit pimp/pimpette”situation is that too many churches have smply lost their way;our blessed Saviour was forced to relinguish His rightful place in the hearts of too many of His people,both individually and corporately,a long time ago.It is somewhat akin to what happened to America when the courts banished Almighty God from our school systems;no one really noticed it at first,but like the proverbial snowball rolling downhill,our moral and ethical decline acclerated faster and faster,our national spiritual demise becme too obviuos to ignore,and now…well,here we are.And sadly,far too many churches were carried along on this foul,toxic wave of mammon-driven greed,hedonistic pleasure-seeking,and,me-centered selfishness until now what many churches preach as the”gospel”is nothing more than re-packaged American consumerism covered with a veneer of pseudo-spiritualityand now called…you guessed it!-the so-called”prosperity gospel”,one of the most insidious,clever,and soul-destroying scams ever perpretrated by Satan on the Body of Christ.And while we may feel justified in castigating those false preachers and so-called”prophets”who propogate this madness(Lord knows I do it too!),in a certain sense they’ve ensnared by the enemy of all our souls.Even so,they can only be excused so far,and those spoken of in 2Peter:2 not at all.The truly sad part,though,it how the flock,so easily led astray by their own unsanctified,carnal flesh, fall prey to the wiles of these unscrupulous charatans,who know how cater to their flocks’desire for a short cut to fulfilling the”American Dream”of ease,comfort,and as little”tribulation”as possible.(Listen to Joel Osteen.It’s no accident his is the biggest”megachurch”in America;his feel-good”sermons”are tailor-made for this culture.) At any rate,those of use whom the Lord our God has condescended to grace with some small measure of discernment must keep crying out in love,with the rightly-divided Word of God,in this waste howling wilderness formerly known as the United States of America.I don’t want your readers to get the idea that I’m in despair,no.What I do believe is that we are indeed in the Last Days,something I gave little thought to just three years ago,and God’s people need to get prepared.Don’t let Satan and his prancing,lying pulpit pimps keep you distracted with their false promises of bogus”healings”,so-called”financial favor”,and hundred-fold whatever(As if Amighty God is some kind of”cosmic go-fer at our beck and call!!)-So…wake up,Church! God knows those who are His(2Tim.2:19),and no one wants to be among those who will hear these terrible words,..”.depart from me,I never knew you.Wake up!!!”.


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