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How To Be A New Age Guru And Get Rich Part II

July 12, 2011

Last month I wrote an article titled How To Be A New Age Guru And Get Rich. In said article there was a step-by-step guide for the sort of person and the sort of psychology to prey on if you want to be a snake-oil-salesman and get rich off of the ignorance of unknowledgeable modern persons who desperately need the illusion of control.

But perhaps, you have identified a group of potential suckers, but don’t really know what to say to them.

Don’t worry. Calamities of Nature have you covered, and have come up with a script that you can follow in separating naive and credulous persons from their logic and money.

Just follow this simple script and

1) Find a large group of gullible and ignorant people. (Don’t worry, there’s lots out there)

2) Convince them of some sort of deterministic philosophy.

3) Sell them the snake-oil of the illusion of control. (Don’t worry if it’s ridiculous, follow above script and Confirmation Bias will really help you here)

You will be amazed how much money adults will give you if you can give them comforting fairy-tales that tickle their itching ears, and ‘convinces’ them that everything will be all right because they can control what is happening in the Universe through the Power that is within them, or whatever ‘source’ you ultimately assign value and power to.


Just in case you don’t know that Deepak is a fraud selling goods with no explanatory power. Here he is stating that Quantum Physicists have “hijacked” the word quantum… which might be one of the stupidest things a human being has ever uttered! It’s like saying mechanics have “hijacked” the word ‘engine’, or that Doctors have “hijacked” the word ‘medicine’.

In the end, he acknowledges that his use of ‘science’ is nothing more than a metaphor, which really means: he is adopting the words of science to give his mumbo-jumbo some sense of legitimacy because without it any thinking, rational, sentient human-being would stop, think, and say, “Wait a second. That’s just word-soup. It doesn’t mean anything. In fact, it’s quite mentally offensive for him to think I would fall for that.”

But then he says “Quantum” or “non-locality” and people, who do not understand science, words, reason, or the scientific method, are tricked: “Ohhh, he said polysyllabic words, it must be true!”

So sad.

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  1. nazani14 permalink
    July 12, 2011 8:58 pm

    “There’s no such thing as creativity; you just assemble what’s already there.” George Balanchine. (A great choreographer, frequently credited with “revolutionizing” the art of ballet.)

    He flat-out lied to Dawkins. Does this sound like he uses the term quantum strictly as metaphor?:
    “Now he has brought together the current research of Wetern medicine, neuoscience, and physics with the insights of Ayurvedic theory to show that the human body is controlled by a “network of intelligence” grounded in quantum reality.” Book review for “Quantum Healing.”

  2. Guest permalink
    July 14, 2011 5:30 pm

    Of course Dawkins does the same thing: Selfish Gene.

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