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The Willful Ignorance of Positive Thinking Ideology

July 14, 2011

Most people who know me in person are well aware that I am no fan of positive thinking ideology. To take one aspect of social interaction and myopically delude yourself into thinking that you can change the physical world with brain waves actually leaves modern persons with little more understanding of how the world actually works than medieval barbarians. It takes an incredible amount of self-imposed willful ignorance for a modern person to pretend they can do magic with their thoughts.

This video points out the problem with positive thinking ideology and nicely sums up much of how I feel.

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  1. nazani14 permalink
    July 14, 2011 12:36 pm

    Obviously, this “blame the victim” mentality also wreaks havoc in the medical arena. Being of a conspiratorial turn of mind, I think our corporate overlords want us to think about pink ribbons and not seek out the environmental causes of cancer, ’cause that might lead to regulations and other profit dampeners.
    This is a really good article:

    I will say that putting up a bulletin board with images representing concrete, attainable goals is a good idea. Just walking by it a couple of times a day helps keep you focused.


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