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The Great Pharyngulation Experiment

July 23, 2011

James McGrath is conducting an experiment and he would like your help:

So is Pharyngulation real or a myth? How does it impact attempts to gather data about public opinion? It strikes me that this blog may be ideally poised to try to answer that question, given the range of readers who represent a wide spectrum and variety of atheist, Christian, and other viewpoints.

And so I thought I would try to do an experiment – to my knowledge, the first of its kind – to gauge the reality and effects of pharyngulation. And so I am setting up a “poll,” which follows below. Rather than use an embedded poll, since most will not work on non self-hosted WordPress blogs, and limit the maximum number of responses, not to mention that sometimes the data gets corrupted, I am trying a simpler variation. I am posting two comments, “Yes” and “No,” and am asking you to vote by leaving a REPLY comment on one or the other. Since Disqus counts replies to comments and lets you hide them, this will give an easy tally of the number of comments, and thus the number of votes on each.

Head on over to his site and help him out!

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  1. July 23, 2011 12:12 pm

    Thanks for spreading the word about this! So far it seems there is not merely a consensus but unanimity. But maybe PZ will tell everyone to head over and vote “no” and that will turn it around… 🙂

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