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Gentile Inanity

July 24, 2011

Recently, Peter Kirk has authored a few posts in which he uses all of his ‘intellect’ to critique me. In one of his posts he concludes by writing,

There is another ology involved here which I cannot recommend for serious study, although sometimes it is good for a laugh: Scotteriology.

I was going to write some sort of rebuttal to Peter’s ‘wisdom’ but really: what’s the point? What am I dealing with? Let’s just take a peek at Peter’s first comment on said post:

If people actually did some research on Japanese emperors having sex with the sun goddess they would realise that this is an actual reported practice, although I guess no one outside the court knows what really happens.

This is an *actual* reported practice… oh but, “no one outside the court knows what really happens”! Could you be anymore credulous, naive, and superstitious? As far as I can tell, there was no mention prior to Peter’s comment about Japanese emperors shagging the sun goddess, so I can only assume that he is endorsing C. Peter Wagner’s argument.

Furthermore, in the comments to another post of mine, Peter is now arguing that those who can do magic-healing are enabled to do so by their invisible friends

That is not how I would see them. I understand these effects as depending on the behaviour of an intelligent being, or perhaps multiple beings, whose actions are free and at least to a large extent unpredictable – and have not necessarily given their consent and cooperation to any experiments.

To be more clear,

Those who have some kind of success are those whose healing comes out of an ongoing relationship with said beings, one which would be jeopardised by any attempt to test it.

To be even more specific

I am suggesting that the healers need to build relationships with their Creator God, who does not appreciate attempts to manipulate him. But if there is the right relationship he will act, perhaps through the mediation of angelic beings.

I wonder what the Bible has to say about praying for sickness?

Are any among you sick? They should call for the elders of the church and have them pray over them, anointing them with oil in the name of the Lord.

Huh? Where’s the special relation with the angelic being? Well, let’s be serious: when it comes to outrageous theological myth-making and speculation: we don’t want to be silly and get the Bible involved!

So where does the idea of the special relationship that you don’t want to jeopardize or the magic being will not do your bidding through the aid of angelic mediators come from… hmmmmm…

Todd Bentley; why does it always come back to Todd Bentley? Oh yeah, because when you have in the past defended him regardless of any outrageous claim that he may have made that flat-out flies in the face of any rationality, humility, and theology ( HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE, of but a few instances) and have authored such gems as

Few people alive today are following these aspects of Jesus’ example more precisely than Todd Bentley.

Eventually Jesus’ critics had him crucified. I hope and pray that Todd won’t meet a similar fate! But I also hope and pray that he, like Jesus, will remain steadfast in the face of criticism to complete the ministry which God has for him.

I believe that at Lakeland God was testing his church, at least in the West, to see if it is ready for the next step in his purposes

And one of my particular favorites

I’m sure the demons are having a field day with discussions like this [Todd Bentley’s failure], laughing aloud as they watch Christians tearing one another down and apart. These are the same ones who rejoiced in their victory of ending God’s work in the Lakeland revival, by the ancient means of sexual temptation… So these demons stir up hatred within Christians, or within those who call themselves Christians but are actually in their control, and incite them to, among other things, write hate-filled blog posts and comments (That’s right if you disagreed with Peter, were critical of Todd, or disagreed with the lack of theology at Lakeland write hate-filled blog posts it’s because you are under the influence of demons!!!!! Pretty hard to argue with that logic: If you disagree with me you are demon possessed.)

Then, yeah, it might come back to that…

Now, I don’t read everything Peter writes these days, but as far as I know, Peter has not recanted his repeated and inane defense of that debacle. I would suggest that a man may be known by the silence he keeps, but it is not as if Todd has been absent from our recent conversation.

I suggested to Peter that if he was so confident in the effects of his unseen friends we could visit some hospitals in GB next time I’m on the island. His response:

Scott, I don’t claim to have a healing ministry. I suggest you follow around someone who does. Dare I suggest Todd Bentley? You just might see some things that surprise you, and I don’t only mean Todd’s boot in your stomach!

Does this comment strike anyone as someone who has stepped away from an endorsement of TB’s ministry? The same Todd Bentley who is claiming to have traveled to the third heaven to meet Paul in a cabin and chow down on some scrolls so that we could ‘know’ that Paul and Abraham (Abraham!) really wrote the book of Hebrews? And what sort of passive-aggressive “Gentle” wisdom would hope(?) that I would see Todd’s boot in my stomach?

(As an aside, I am a firm believe in non-violent conflict resolution, I work on these skills with my children daily. But Todd’s boot in my stomach? Seriously? He’s like 5’7, 280, of body fat, and I’m a 6’0, 220, ex-professional hockey player. Well, I guess if you live in the Toddly delusion he could “put his boot in my stomach.” Whatever.)

At the beginning of this post Peter suggested that he could not recommend my site for serious study. The same man who believes some healers can, but other people can’t, build a good enough relationship with invisible beings to get them to do their bidding; who believes Japanese emperors engage in “reported” physical intercourse with the sun goddess; and who endorsed/(endorses?) the lunacy of Todd Bentley.

Let me make a suggestion of my own: In no way whatsoever can I recommend the mythological speculations of “Gentle Wisdom” as ‘serious study’ but if you want to head on over for a laugh (but not at the jokes), feel free.

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  1. nazani14 permalink
    July 24, 2011 9:02 am

    I’m trying to look on the bright side. Maybe some Japanese converts to Christianity will hear of this slander and reconsider their choice of faith.

  2. July 24, 2011 3:10 pm

    Scott, thank you for the links and for recommending people to visit my site.

    Todd Bentley was at one time quite a wrestler I believe, though he may be out of shape now, so I wouldn’t recommend you to get into a fight with him.

    • July 24, 2011 4:45 pm

      The only thing Todd Bentley ever wrestled was a chicken thigh out of someone’s hands so that he could have thirds. He can hardly waddle on to the stage now. I think I’m OK.

      On the other hand, I’m going for a run, and then to the gym.

  3. Chris E permalink
    July 25, 2011 4:37 am

    “If people actually did some research on Japanese emperors having sex with the sun goddess they would realise that this is an actual reported practice, although I guess no one outside the court knows what really happens.”

    If a culture is alien enough, anything can be made up and the dirt will stick. This isn’t unlikely the blood libels that Christians and Jews were part of in the past.

  4. July 25, 2011 10:32 am

    Scott, did you notice how quickly I got Peter to shut up? The only way to get rid of trolls is unrelenting ridicule. If you respond seriously or get indignant they have won. Just make fun of him, if you want him to leave.

    • July 25, 2011 11:19 am

      PF, if there is one sure way NOT to get rid of me, that is boasting that you have got rid of me. But I accept that continuing to argue with a person who has a commitment to being ignore any evidence that doesn’t agree with his worldview is a waste of my time.

      • Len permalink
        July 25, 2011 11:24 am

        … continuing to argue with a person who has a commitment to being ignore any evidence that doesn’t agree with his worldview is a waste of my time.

        Strangely enough, that’s exactly what I was thinking about you, Peter (except for the extra word in there).

        • July 25, 2011 11:42 am

          Sorry for the extra word.

          Len, seriously, what evidence has been put forward in this thread which doesn’t agree with my worldview? I haven’t even seen any evidence that anyone is a fraud, just accusations and ridicule. I am not going to defend any statements on the authorship of Hebrews.

          • Chris E permalink
            July 25, 2011 5:09 pm

            Why not? The statement on the authorship of Hebrews was made in the context of a vision which you claim we should take seriously.

            • July 26, 2011 12:05 am

              Chris, I made no such claim. I did state somewhere that evidence of miracles should be taken seriously. This is not about a miracle.

            • Chris E permalink
              July 26, 2011 4:23 am

              You said:

              “He has not retracted his stories of meetings with angels and third heaven experiences, things which were experienced by the New Testament Christians and so which can be expected today.”

              That’s not you claiming that we should take his report of a third heaven experience seriously?

              • July 26, 2011 4:34 am

                No, Chris, these words from a comment I wrote in 2008, if you read them in context were a report of what Todd Bentley had not said, at least at that time. In that comment I intended no endorsement of his story.

            • Chris E permalink
              July 26, 2011 4:25 am


              “where did I say that I doubted that Todd had had these experiences? I presume you are referring to “meetings with angels and third heaven experiences”. I have just checked and nowhere on this blog, in posts or comments, have I used the word “doubt” (except in the combination “no doubt”) “

              • July 26, 2011 4:38 am

                Chris, again you are quoting a 2008 comment of mine out of context. I do not doubt that Todd had some such experience. That does not imply that everything he said about it was infallible truth e.g. about the authorship of Hebrews.

              • Chris E permalink
                July 26, 2011 5:45 am

                Right. So in the middle of going to the third heaven (something you don’t dispute), he made something up.

      • July 25, 2011 11:36 am

        So you’ll respond because I boasted, but you won’t respond to punish me!

        Hahahahaha, you are one confused cracker.

        Seriously, I can use a little levity, so I hope you keep it up.

  5. July 25, 2011 10:33 am

    Of course, it’s your site, so if you didn’t like my tone with him, just say so and I won’t do it again.

    • July 25, 2011 10:46 am

      You may of course, if you so choose, continue to interact with him. I however, have decided to ignore him from now on as he has adequately displayed himself to be a fifth-rate theologian, a very poor reader, and perhaps a bit unhinged as well. Continuing to argue with a person who has a commitment to being delusional is a waste of my time.

  6. September 6, 2011 9:56 am

    2 years ago I discussed with Peter Todd Bentley and he was equally desiring an anointing then as now. I think though he has not received one from his “Prophet”.
    I have been discussing theology with other angel followers who slandered the bible and they have the same blinkered logic, calling me demon possessed for oppossing them.
    When you are trapped in the bubble all you see is your own bindings.

    The fruit or lack of it from Todd is simple. Show me one conclusive healing.
    Show me someone who has been convicted of their sin, repented and been overwhelmed by the love expressed through the cross. I have led people to the Lord and seen his work in my life and christians around. What is being preached is pure self indulgence in music and elation. Literally as soon as the preacher goes, so does the experiences.

    These people are spiritually dry, have turned their back on love and reality and are following decieving spirits and dreams.

    Jesus came for us to learn how to live with “open hearts”, walking in obedience to the word of God because that is the expression of who we are.

    Jesus in effect said if by your life as looked at by non-beleivers you are people worthy of respect, integrity, honour you have begun to walk in the Holy Spirit.

    Todd Bentley, his tatooes and biker image ( created when a preacher ), his strange preaching of angels, the odd possessions and emotional manifestations of people under some delusions or halucinations is nothing respectfull, worthy or sensible.

    In fact this is weird, wacky and not anything you would want people to get involved with.
    Kevin Klient testimony is eye openning.

    Cornerstone and God TV have a lot to answer for publicising and promoting give to me, so I can share more spiritual gifts without spiritual righteousness or the Lord.

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