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When Is It Appropriate To Beat The Living Hell Out Of A Catholic Bishop?

August 5, 2011

Let’s just start this by saying that I believe one of the great demonstrable evils on planet earth is adults who sexually molest children. Children are, by and large, defenseless against such behaviour, and the responsibility of adults, especially those that are placed in a position of authority and trust, is to be a positive force in the social development of children. Studies on the psychological development of children who have been molested demonstrate the evil of the molestation. It should be denounced everywhere under any situation.

And then there’s the Catholic church…

In Australia 26 suicides have been attributed to pedophile priests such as Brother Robert Best. 26 Suicides! However, Bishop Peter Connors ‘believes’

An inquiry into suicides among victims of sexual abuse by Catholic priests and brothers in Victoria would achieve little

Why would the Bishop say that?

“I think we’ve learnt a lot of things about what is appropriate behaviour and what’s not appropriate behaviour,” Bishop Connors said.

“I think people are very well informed nowadays as to what’s inappropriate approaches from a male.”

While conceding the abuse of children was wrong, he said that in the past it had not always been clear to everyone what was appropriate and inappropriate behaviour.

“In the past a lot of ignorance was there on the part of lots of people. Parents didn’t understand, sometimes bishops didn’t understand. We have no excuse now.”

Are you kidding me?!? Are you ******* kidding me? Not clear what is appropriate and inappropriate? ‘Brother’ Best–and the school chaplain by the way–were raping young boys in his office, raping, and it was “unclear” whether that was an appropriate action or not?

Brother Best is going to be sentenced this week for his atrocities against humanity. For his abuse of children who were placed in his trust. I hope his prison experience goes poorly for him. But Bishop Connors, who by his recent statements is the very epitome, the absolute epitome, of a religious douchebag, is on the outside with a forum to spew his evil and defense of some of the most indefensible actions ever.

Bishop Connors: apparently you are a man of low intelligence and even lower moral fiber. Let me help you out with what you should be saying, “What Brother Best did was inexcusable. Terrible and indefensible. It breaks my heart that young members of our church were placed in his care, and he used his position to abuse young persons in some of the most horrible ways imaginable. That this left scars deep enough that young men eventually took their own lives will be a pain and a regret that I will carry to my grave. There is simply no way for me to apologize enough to the families of these young men. A wolf snuck in among the sheep and had his way. We can only hope that we can remove any such predators from among our children in the future and never allow such an evil to occur again.”

Instead the right “honorable” Bishop said

he had no reason to meet Best’s victims “because he being a Christian Brother, I’m not responsible for him.”

And at that moment, when those words come out of his mouth, is when you punch him as hard as you can in the face and turn around and walk away.

As you may be able to tell: child molestation makes me very angry; defense of child molestation makes me just as angry.

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  1. August 5, 2011 3:35 pm

    total load of f’in crap fr. those Bishops, both in word and deed. I hope prison is very, very bad for brother Best.

  2. August 5, 2011 6:54 pm

    How do these people manage to be so tone deaf? Do they no comprehend the enormity of the crime their institution has committed? Do they not understand that they have no moral authority any more, and that they’re burning through whatever respect might be left?

  3. Len permalink
    August 9, 2011 3:25 am

    … he said that in the past it had not always been clear to everyone what was appropriate and inappropriate behaviour.

    Does he mean that the Catholic church used to find child molestation appropriate behaviour, so there could be some confusion as times are changing?

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