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BibleWorks 9: What’s New

September 7, 2011

I though I would highlight some of the new features of BW9 from their site.

Fourth Column

Add another column to your workspace

[click for larger view]

You’ll immediately notice the addition of another column to the main window. With two columns devoted to Analysis content you can customize it to view your favorite two resources simultaneously.

Verse Tab

Get instant Study Bible & critical apparatus information

[click for larger view]

We’ve added a major new feature to the main window. The Verse Tab tracks with any Bible version. For the current verse under the mouse, it displays the relevant sections in resources such as the CNTTS apparatus, the NET Bible textual notes, the Tischendorf apparatus, Metzger’s Textual Commentary (requires unlock), and the ESV Study Bible (requires unlock).

BibleWorks Manuscript Project

Compare and analyze original manuscript text and images

[click for larger view]

This massive project has been years in the making. BibleWorks 9 includes the first installment of this ongoing work. The BibleWorks Manuscript Project’s initial release covers the following:

  • Sinaiticus
  • Vaticanus
  • Alexandrinus
  • Bezae
  • Washingtonianus
  • Boernerianus
  • GA1141

For these manuscripts, the BibleWorks Manuscript Project includes the following:

  • New full transcriptions
  • Complete digital image sets (over 7.5 GB!!)
  • Verse location tagging in images
  • Extensive transcription notes
  • MSS comparison tool
  • Morphological tagging (not complete for all manuscripts but updates will be provided free of charge to BibleWorks 9 users as they become available)

Manuscripts are fully searchable and integrated with the full array of BibleWorks analysis tools. As you change verses in BibleWorks, the MS image display tracks with the current verse. Compare, inspect, and analyze the text and images of key original manuscripts. Tweak and enhance the manuscript images using the sophisticated image processing panel now included in BibleWorks.

The Moody Atlas of the Bible (Barry J. Beitzel)

Extensive high-resolution Bible maps

[click for larger view]

BibleWorks comes with the full Moody Atlas. Its 118 masterful maps in high-resolution and dozens of photos can be easily inspected and copied to your presentations. No unlock required!

CNTTS NT Critical Apparatus

Quickly compare variant readings

[click for larger view]

For the first time, the New Testament Critical Apparatus from the Center for New Testament Textual Studies is available for PCs. This exhaustive apparatus covers the entire New Testament. The BibleWorks version has been enhanced to show a matrix of Aland categories and time period for the mss for each reading. Users will especially appreciate having the apparatus track and update as the mouse moves over the text in the BibleWorks main window. In addition, the start of each verse entry summarizes the significant, insignificant, and singular variants. When examining a variant, the text of the verse is shown with the variant text highlighted. No unlock required!

Instant difference highlighting

Quickly see translation differences

If you like to consult multiple Bible translations as you study the text, this new feature automatically highlights the differences between all Bible versions in the main window. A simple keypress toggles it on and off.

New Greek NT Texts

New proofings, updates, and morphologies

BibleWorks 9 ships with new Greek texts and revisions: the Robinson-Pierpont Byzantine text with Robinson 2010 morphology; Westcott-Hort (new proofing) with diacritics, variant readings, and morphology from 2010 Robinson; Scriveners (new proofing) with diacritics, variant readings, and morphology from 2010 Robinson; Trinitarian Bible Society Greek NT (new proofing) with Robinson 2010 morphology; Robinson-Pierpont Text with Friberg morphology; Tregelles Greek NT, corrected and uncorrected. Differences between Greek versions can be instantly highlighted in the main window!

Use Tab

More instant information for your studies

[click for larger view]

Capitalizing on BibleWorks’ lightning speed, the new Use Tab takes the word under your mouse cursor and instantly shows all occurrences of the word in either the current book or entire version, all without clicking. You can even synchronize the Stats tab to show occurrence graphs as you move the mouse!

To see the rest of the new material CLICK HERE.

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