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2011’s Worst New Christmas Song

December 8, 2011

American Christian Life United (ACLU) choir sings their Christmas song “Say Merry Christmas”, and it’s bad… really bad.

While there is a variety of stupid in the lyrics, I’ll just point out a couple: One, the lyrics assert that baby Jesus is the one and only reason for the season, but at the same time the person in the song is going store to store buying gifts–just like any other consumer–but threatening an economic boycott if someone doesn’t greet them properly!

Next in listing what wouldn’t exist without Jesus at Christmas they include Christmas lights, Scrooge, and stockings hung for Santa! Do these Fundies not know that Santa is just Satan in disguise trying to trick little kids and distract them from baby Jesus!

Finally, one of the lyrics in the song is “Please don’t tell me what to say or what music I can play”… but… then… the whole song is about boycotting those who don’t have the right to say what they want or play the music they want? A little holiday hypocrisy for dessert sounds yummy!

Anyways, extra holiday bonus internet points for anyone who can make it all the way through the song.


BONUS: If you are forced to spend Christmas day with people you don’t like then put this song on repeat until they leave. Guaranteed it won’t take long.

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  1. December 8, 2011 12:11 pm

    You do realize it’s a parody, right? I guess your post is ironic too? This post-modernism stuff is hard to keep track of for me.

  2. 4xi0m permalink
    December 9, 2011 3:47 pm

    There’s no way this is a parody. There are children singing backup, the video rivals any King-James-only reading of scripture for literality, everyone in the video is paler than Edward Cullen, and the lyrics, if they were satirical, would have actually been clever. They could have been orders of magnitude more clever–especially with that cutesy little tune. In fact, someone should totally parody this.

    That being said, what better way to “wish love to all and peace upon the earth” than with economic sanctions? I guess that means it’s Christmas every day in Iran and North Korea. Still, I have to give them a couple brownie points for acronym trolling. “ACLU” for this organization is right up there with “People Eating Tasty Animals.”


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