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Penn State and the Catholic Church

July 23, 2012

In the past on this site I have continually pointed out the evil of child sexual predators in the Catholic church, and the similar culpability of those in authority who facilitated and covered up their abuse.

While I have been very critical of many “faith practices” and completely ignorant Christian beliefs which are not rooted in reality in any way whatsoever, the many stories I have posted concerning the rampant great evil of child molesting in the Catholic church has not been so much about religion per se. Rather, it has simply been about the evil of child sexual abuse, and the similar despicable evil of facilitating and covering up that abuse to protect the image of some sort of organization.

It is almost beyond my comprehension how someone could still be a Catholic and honestly care what that system mandates concerning healthcare or contraception. How someone could ‘submit’ to the Catholic hierarchical authority system when that system has proven itself to be corrupt, antiquated, mistaken, evil, shortsighted, and despicable. At least, (FINALLY!) those priests who didn’t molest children, but facilitated the sexual predators to ‘protect’ the name of the church are being prosecuted and sent to jail.

But, apparently, the Catholic Church is not the only system that protects child rapists and forgets the victim to protect the precious ‘name’ of their organization. Today, The NCAA hit Penn State with an unprecedented series of penalties, including a $60 million fine and the loss of all coach Joe Paterno’s victories from 1998-2011, in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal.

Penn State Nittany Lions head coach Joe Patern...

Other sanctions include a four-year ban on bowl games, the loss of 20 scholarships per year over four years and five years’ probation.

What Sandusky did was horrible; just plain evil. But like the priests of the Catholic church who covered up the crimes of other priests to protect the name of the church, Joe Pa is apparently morally corrupt, and even though he has since passed away, should lose all credibility for his complacency and culpability in facilitating Sandusky’s abuse to protect the name of the University.

Who cares about the “name” of an organization, church, or University more than children being raped? Who cares about that “name” so much that they facilitate further child rapes and molestations? The answer to that is easy: evil and morally bankrupt people who should go to jail.

One of the great demonstrable evils on planet earth is adults who sexually molest children. Children are, by and large, defenseless against such behaviour, and the responsibility of adults, especially those that are placed in a position of authority and trust, is to be a positive force in the social development of children. Studies on the psychological development of children who have been molested demonstrate the evil of the molestation. It should be denounced everywhere under any situation.

I assume–I hope!–anyone who visits this site frequently would agree: any person who sexually abuses a child deserves to be arrested. Period. Any priest or pastor, for any reason, in any position of authority, who has used their influence in any way, to sexually abuse a child should be arrested and put away for a very long time. Period. Any coach, father, relative, teacher, or just any person whatsoever, who sexually abuses a child should be arrested and put away for a very long time.

English: Pope Benedict XVI

But just as guilty are those who sat by–and apparently still do–and created an environment which facilitates child sexual predators, and have said nothing–nothing!–when those who were weaker in their congregations or organizations were being preyed upon and sexually molested.

They are just as responsible for these crimes. Sickening. To see a child being abused and not say something, or to send a priest somewhere else to unsuspecting families so he could do it again?!? How incredibly evil and twisted do you have to be to normalize a person raping a child and then facilitate him doing it again? How mentally and emotionally depraved and sick are these guys?

Protect the children; indict anyone involved in abusing them or who facilitated the abuse. Pretty simple. Penn State didn’t get the “death sentence” that many were calling for–though I can’t imagine how the football program recovers from these sanctions any time soon–but the penalties are extremely harsh. Now if we could just have the same measures exacted some way against the ridiculous system in the Catholic church. In no way would that be some sort of attack on religion; it would be something much different: it would be justice.

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  1. 4xi0m permalink
    July 30, 2012 10:14 am

    Bravo. There’s really not much to add, is there? One thing I don’t get: apparently the Penn State football program is basically religion in that town. Of all the things to deify at an institution of higher education–football? Really?

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