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Hating for Jesus: The Gay Hurricanes!

October 29, 2012

Why is it teh ghays? Why is it always teh ghays?

Any friggin’ natural disaster (with a large emphasis on natural, you know those events that can be scientifically explained), and some idiot Christian has to start spouting off about how God is judging America… blah, blah, blah.

It has already started with Sandy:

Christian preacher blames gays for Hurricane Sandy

Chaplain John McTernan has said God’s judgment of gays caused the hurricane nearing the east coast of the United States

An anti-gay Christian preacher is already blaming Hurricane Sandy on gays.

As the east coast of the United States prepares for the storm, which has already killed 60 people in the Caribbean, author and chaplain John McTernan has decided who is at fault.

On his website Defend Proclaim The Faith, the preacher says the gathering storm must be God’s judgment on gays, and punishing the president Barack Obama for coming out in support of marriage equality.

He also has some other highly speculative idiotic hypotheses about how other weather patterns form. If you have ever wondered how impossibly stupid a person can be–or use their “faith” and “beliefs” as a deductive shield to protect them from any sort of empathy or reality–then head on over to his site and read his incomparable ignorance informed by stupidity and arrogance.

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  1. October 29, 2012 8:43 pm

    It’s not related to the hurricane, but since you like pointing out the folly of evangelist con artists, you might be interested that Todd Bentley is still doing crusades and claiming to have brought 33 dead people back to life. Proof is strangely absent, as always.


  1. Preacher blames Sandy on gay & Obama « Bazaar Daily News

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