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There Is No Lowest Common Denominator in Christianity!

January 28, 2013

Scotteriology opened for business on February 4, 2007 (That’s right, we be turning six soon!), and no matter how many videos I post or articles I write, I still see videos almost weekly that make me cringe with the level of inanity and sheer foolishness.

There’s so much wrong with this video it’s almost pointless to deconstruct it… the robe; the screaming; the ridiculous correlation from the pop song to scripture; the terrible dancing… they can’t even get the title of the song correct!

And then there’s the almost unbelievable fact that people actually set their alarms, got dressed up, and purposely drove to this location to watch this travesty. And apparently, if the video is anything to go by: they enjoy the incomprehensible stupidity.

After many years of researching I can only come to one conclusion:

There is no lowest common denominator in Christianity!

Video via Matthew Paul Turner

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