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The Demon of Stupidity

January 29, 2013

Bob Larson is up to his old antics again…

Joe was in the Special Forces in the military — he was “trained to kill”. But, he had a generational curse of “Bloodlust” and “Revenge” going back four generations! You’ll notice in this one how Bob uses the Bible as a “Sword of the Spirit”. It’s literal in the Spirit world, and the demon is actually getting stabbed. Bob does this only to weaken the demon and make it cooperate. You’ll see this in most exorcisms, it’s a consistent phenomenon!

Usually, I would correct someone and say, “It’s actual in the Spirit world…” but in this case I’ll let it go, because the only place where these sort of shenanigans have any sort of veracity is in the “literal” world.

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  1. Peacer permalink
    January 31, 2013 5:35 pm

    Seriously? WTF…

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