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How Not To Pastor By Eddie Long

March 4, 2013

It’s way past time for Eddie Long to just step down–seriously, it is ridiculous that he is still ‘pastoring’–as he is setting a great example of how not to pastor.

First, earlier last week Long was hit by a lawsuit  filed by several former church members

who claim that the pastor encouraged them to invest money in a company that had a $3 million capital deficit.

The alleged Ponzi scheme, ran by social capitalist Ephren W. Taylor who led a series of financial seminars in October 2009 at New Birth church, took more than $1 million in investments from 12 former members.

That’s a bad week for anyone. Even a Pulpit Pimp who is used to fleecing the sheeple who erroneously trust him. Because, to be a good Pulpit Pimp requires not getting caught, so that you can keep using the ruse of religion so you can bilk people out of their money for an extended period of time.

Second: things went from bad to worse as one of Long’s several accusers published a tell all book of their abusive gay relationship…

Now, I realize that I’m not a professional minister myself, but I’m pretty sure having several men outside of your marriage accusing you of taking them on trips and performing oral sex on them is not something they suggest you do in seminary classes. In fact I’m pretty sure it’s frowned on.

But Long is really such an epic douchebag that he deserves this sort of press.

When the news first hit that he liked the man-love, Bishop Long declared, “This I’m gonna fight…” Then details started to slowly leak out and the back-pedal started, “Ok, ok, ok. So I did take these men on trips with me… and I did share rooms with them ‘occasionally’… and I did buy them gifts… but we never had sex!”

But, “This I’m gonna fight…” Yeah, right.

The case was settled and dismissed with prejudice, meaning the plaintiffs cannot sue Long again concerning the same case, and with the accusers’ silence bought and paid for with an agreement to never speak of the details of the case publicly.

The only thing that Long ever “vigorously” fought for in this case was to make sure that the truth didn’t come out.

Even more depressing is that on any Sunday morning Long still stands before his congregation, and they don’t kick the man out, but revere him as the man of God.

For a painful, enraging, incredibly stupid and misguided “celebration” of Long by his congregation following the mediation you can see this video. ‘Bishop’ Eddie Long Crowned ‘King’? Oi Vay…

Seriously, what would this man have to do for people to stop going to his church? At this point his followers are so blind and ignorant I’m not sure that any of his actions could undo his brainwashing.

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