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Lying and Insane For Jesus: Cindy Jacobs Can Pray Away Insanity?!?

March 26, 2013

The obvious retort to Jacobs ridiculous clam in this instance: Physician heal yourself!

Cindy claiming she can bind the spirit of insanity is like a quadriplegic claiming he can pray away paralysis. Like a crack addict claiming they can pray away dependency. Like an amputee claiming they can pray you new legs.

Basically, what we have here is an absolutely certifiable crazy person claiming they can bind the spirit of insanity.

This lady who insanely claims she can pray away insanity, has also claimed to do the same miracles as Jesus; has given us the most insane and ignorant explanation of Occupy Wall Street ever; has called on Christians to use their super-duper magic to literally take control over the weather, claimed to have reversed a hysterectomy by prayer, and claimed to have feed three thousand people with just three loaves of bread and still have bread left over! She also claimed to have revived people from the dead: On an absolutely disgusting display “during the August 6th edition of her show God Knows, the self-proclaimed “respected prophet” channeled her supernatural powers live on air to revive a dead child, claiming to have done so in the past as well.”

If she could “pray away” insanity, we wouldn’t know her name…

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