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Faith-Healing Has Worked Even If You Die?!?

May 24, 2013

Matthew Hagee apparently has an important goal in life: to be even more of an impossible wind-bag than his father.

In this video he “argues” that sometimes faith-healing works instantaneously, sometimes it works over time, and sometimes–even if a person dies!–the faith-healing has worked because that person will have a new body in heaven. But it doesn’t matter which one: the faith healing works every time!

That’s right: if you die, you’ve been healed in Jesus’ name!


Youtube comments:

Owen Pwn

Want your friend to be healed by Jesus?

Kill them.



This is how all charlatans work, make something unfalsifiable and claim victory.



Does he not see he just made a giant loophole for all atheist to get into heaven, all they need is to have someone pray for them to heal in jesus name and we are healed into heaven. 100% of the time



Get the same results praying to a rock.


I think for myself I’d prefer to go to a modern doctor where DYING is not considered the same as HEALING.

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