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Religion Has Not Conquered The Market On Stupidity

June 15, 2013

It seems that one of the burdens of my life lately is dealing with persons who have insane and random beliefs about living and health. One person tried to convince me that cut onions attract bacteria; another tried to convince me they were overweight because of their negative thoughts; another attends power of mind healing classes… and then there’s Todd Bentley.

And on and on it goes…

However, this just might be the stupidest, most ignorant, bat-shit crazy insane “belief” I have seen:

Seattle Woman Trying To Live On Sunlight Alone Is Probably Going to Die

Navenna Shine of Seattle is planning to livestream her own death.

Well, technically she’s planning to livestream an experiment in which she attempts to survive for up to six months on nothing but the natural light of the sun, but it’s essentially the same thing.

Shine, founder of Living on Light, is a follower of the Jasmuheen branch of Breatharianism.

Jasmuheen (born Ellen Greve) is a thoroughly debunked fraud, and her pseudoscientific claims are directly responsible for the deaths of several people.

Why does Shine believe her “experiment” will end differently? Because she really believes.

The only problem with this is that we do not believe it. We hear about it but, how can we possibly believe somebody who says that they don’t eat? Even family and friends don’t believe them sometimes. The solution is very simple. We have to put it to the test. This is what I intend to do through “Living On Light”. Put it to the test.

And so, for the next four to six months, Shine plans to live in a “controlled environment,” with eight cameras pointed at her at all times to ensure that she isn’t cheating.

She hopes to be able to livestream the footage, but claims that technical difficulties are currently preventing that from happening.

“In the meantime,” she says, “each moment is being recorded and the files are being archived for future verification.”

According to Shine’s YouTube page, she is already over 30 days into the experiment, and has lost more than 20 pounds since starting. She is still drinking water and occasionally some tea, but says this is just to “flush out the toxins of a lifetime.”

“I have the feeling that my body has reached a point where it has used up all its stored fats and is now looking around for what next to consume,” she writes on Facebook. “I suspect this might be the point where it decides either to find and hook into the source where it is able to live on Light, or consume the body for sustenance. I am doing all I can thorough consciousness to open up the space for ‘Living on Light.’ We shall see.”

No mention of how she plans to obtain sufficient light to live on in the notoriously gloomy Pacific Northwest.

On her official homepage, Shine calls her experiment “a huge moment in history,” and “possibly even a new evolution of humanity.”


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  1. June 18, 2013 9:56 am

    Sunday 16th June

    I want to let you know that at mid-day on Wednesday 19th June 1913, on the 47th day of the “Living On Light” experiment, I am going to conclude the experiment and begin the process of slowly moving back into eating normal food again.

    There are many, sometimes complex, reasons why I am choosing to do this. I talk about them on the current YouTube. The overt reason is that on that day the phones and internet will be cut off and I have nothing to pay for the space I am in. In practical terms I cannot continue. However, I see money as simply energy and symbolic for many other things. There is nothing like the black and white clarity of money for bringing important messages into our lives.

    When I began this whole adventure I asked the Universe what it wanted from me and I understood the message to say that I needed to do this in order to bring the possibility of being able to “Live On Light” onto our planet. If it were indeed possible it literally could save the planet from the utter destruction we are inflicting on it. I still think that is true.

    I am in the process of doing what I understood was being asked of me. Now I am looking at what is occurring as a result of what I am doing. I see that intention can only be judged by what actually occurs. My body/mind programmed machine understood one intention and the wholeness of who I am wanted it to play out in the way that that it actually needed to be played out, which is how it is happening.

    From the feedback I am getting it is becoming patently clear that most of the world is by no means ready to receive the information I am attempting to produce. Even if it were true that a person can “Live On Light” and I were successful in demonstrating that, I see now that it would be synonymous with giving a loaded shotgun to baby. The vast majority of people would inadvertently shoot themselves with it.


    • June 18, 2013 9:57 am

      The above is from her web page:

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