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The Bible Part II: Even More Money!

July 3, 2013

Mark Burnett is going to receive gobs of money to misrepresent the Bible even further.

In an indication of the shifting center of power in television, a broadcast network, NBC, has stepped up to buy the sequel to a hit cable mini-series, “The Bible,” which appeared on the History Channel.

The follow-up series, “A.D.: Beyond the Bible,” will trace the early history of Christianity and again be supervised by the producer Mark Burnett, in partnership with his wife, the actress Roma Downey, NBC announced on Monday.

“The Bible” was the top-rated new series of the year on cable. Its premiere, in March, reached 13 million viewers and its finale attracted 11.7 million, both enormous totals for cable television — or broadcast television, for that matter. In addition, the DVD version of the 10-hour series, which went on sale three months ago, has topped one million in sales, the biggest result for a TV series in five years, NBC said in its announcement of the acquisition.

“Beyond the Bible” well, at least they’re being honest now…

Bob Greenblatt, the chairman of NBC Entertainment, said in a statement that he had spoken to Mr. Burnett the day after the premiere of “The Bible” to express interest in a sequel.

“I followed the development process of ‘The Bible’ closely with Mark and knew that the story was far from over after Christ’s crucifixion,” Mr. Greeenblatt said in his statement. “In fact, what happened in the aftermath — which is essentially the beginning of Christianity — is utterly fascinating.”

“The story was far from over”… Gee, you don’t say.

I wonder how long it will take for them to turn this piece of turd into a book? The first travesty was a miniseries taken from  a collection of books commonly known as the Bible, and then turned into a miniseries, which became a novel? [The Bible Movie Is Now a Book!]

Just think about that for a sec… A novel based on the tv miniseries, The Bible, taken from the actual Bible, and then turned into a book. I would love to have the time to hang out in book stores and ridicule anyone who actually buys this book.

Well, I guess when The Bible Part II: Even More Money “epic” miniseries broadcasts we know what the title of the book they eventually publish as The New Testament Part II: Even More Hollywoodier will be: A Story of Peter and Paul and All of Us.


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