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God Wants To Kill The Hell Out Of Americans!

July 23, 2013

Supposedly, America is a Christian nation, founded on Christian values.

Christian. Christian. Christian.

It is God’s special nation of grace and favour that receives his blessing because their constitution is based on the Bible and they hate the right sort of sins… you know, sins like not owning a gun. Or people having sex where the equipment is not one penis and one vagina.

God’s really, really, really concerned about that apparently. Two penises having sex = sin. Two vaginas having sex = sin. But one penis and one vagina having sex? God’s totally down with that, and might just watch to make sure someone is calling his name properly.

Anyways, this particular video of impossibly bigoted bigot Pat Robertson probably could have gone down in the Assholes For Jesus category, because it’s another in the umpteen examples of some religious leader shrinking God down to their bigoted morals and ideas of “justice”: if you do what I don’t like, God will kill the hell out of you!

Such sentiments are nothing more than fear-mongering and epically manipulative bullshit. Seriously, if God is going to go crazy and smite everybody for all the crap he doesn’t like: how the Sheol is America not in absolute apocalyptic ruin right now?

Take out prayer from schools? GOD WILL SMITE YOU!

Talk about gun control? GOD WILL WREAK HAVOC UPON YOU!

Approve same-sex marriage? GOD WILL DESTROY YOU!!

God’s basically a maniacal, power-hungry, infinite-Hitler in heaven screaming, “KILL, KILL, KILL!

I mean seriously, according to Pat, God is a sadistic asshole waiting for you to do something he doesn’t like, so that he can kill the hell out of you for not doing whatever Pat Robertson, or Cindy Jacobs, or whomever doesn’t like! You have one foot in the grave and one foot on a banana peel, and God apparently can’t wait for you to slip… if he doesn’t push you himself!

The ‘gospel’ of Pat Robertson’s message: Do what I think is right or God will kill you… wow, sounds like “good news” to me.

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  1. August 15, 2013 9:51 am

    here’s a term for robertson & others like him: “assholiness”

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