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Selective Christian Literalism

January 6, 2014

James McGrath at Exploring Our Matrix shared a couple of graphics:


James was inspired by this image on Facebook, “but which had a typo in it and thus could not simply be reposted as it was,” (trust me James, I know that pedantic pain!); so he then offered:


James, and others, make an excellent point.

Can you imagine if the bigots at American Family Association or Westboro Baptist Not-A-Church were as horny for feeding the poor as they were against gay marriage? Can you imagine if Westboro made headlines for picketing restaurants with signs that said, “God Hates Hunger” and used all of their resources to try and urge people into helping end starvation? It would be astounding if they could do the same amount of good as they have demonstrated hatred.

Can you imagine if the tens of millions of dollars spent by the ignoramuses at Answers for Genesis, rather than trying to defend a myth and promote pseudoscience, instead went to researching ways to feed the poor: how much better the world would be? What, instead of the Creation Museum, if all of those resources had been used to help the homeless and starving in their area (and I mean ALL of the resources with no creationism attached)? Maybe–just maybe–Ken Ham would have a small leg to stand on when he started to talk of “what’s wrong with society.”

He certainly doesn’t have even the smallest leg to stand on now (He’s a moral worm!), because: he spends millions of dollars to defend inanity, and then posits that not believing in that inanity is “what’s wrong” with society.

Which makes him just a morally bankrupt, snake-oil, religion-abusing huckster.

Can you imagine how much more respect outsiders from Christianity might have for Christians if all they did was try to help the weak, the poor, the homeless, and feed those without food? Instead of repress those of differing sexual orientation, or seize political power to enforce their “Law” throughout” the land.

If Christians actually stopped differing, bullying, abusing, or seeking political power to further their hatred, maybe–just, maybe–someone might listen to them if they told them “God was love,” and then demonstrated that by accepting that person for whomever they were and fed them, or sheltered them… with no strings attached.

Hey, bullying, mean, lacking empathy Christian: YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG! Demonstrate some sort of above-decent morality, and then tell me about your morality. Just shouting at people to “STOP, I think you’re evil!” isn’t working. (or worse yet: “I’ll seize political power and MAKE you stop.”)

I still won’t agree with you concerning gay marriage, or young-earth creationism, but then I will not also think you are such an oxygen-thief or epic d-bag. You will be a good person with some bad ideas, instead of a very terrible person with some bad ideas.

Baby steps.

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